They call it the Live Music Capital of the World for a reason - on any given night of the week there are over 300 venues playing live music of all types from country to jazz, classical to rock, latin to funk. Venues range from seating for thousands to fewer than fifty. But one thing is for certain, if you like music, you will love Austin! So while visiting Austin for Formula 1 from October 31 through November 2, sample some of the best music in the world - Formula Austin style!
This year, Formula Austin is coordinating the 2014 Best of Britain Formula 1 Reception which is a private event. The event showcases not only the immense contributions of Britain to Formula 1 racing but the very close relationship between Britain and the State of Texas.
As in previous years, Formula Austin is available to discuss private events that feature the unique aspects of Austin and Texas. We can tailor experiences such as hosted tours of the Texas Wine Road, a cluniary tale of the Texas Barbecue Wars, and even a private rodeo.